To avoid delay in closing as well as getting the loan transaction close smoother, buyers need to remember the following Do and Don’ts list:

  1. Don’t transfer down payment fund around
  2. Don’t deposit un-source-able fund, like cash, to your account
  3. Don’t apply for any credit since it will lower your credit score
  4. Do postpone major purchases until escrow is close
  5. Do tell us if you have any missed payment, collection.
  6. Do liquidate your asset at least 2 weeks prior to closing escrow if using 401k or IRA fund to close
  7. Do provide term of withdraw if using retirement account for closing and reserve fundth
  8. Do provide full contact of payroll employer to verify your job
  9. Do inform us if you using gift money
  10. Do monitor email (including spam folder) for lender email disclosures
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