How much is my home worth?

Use our National Brokers Home Value Estimator to get a free estimated market value of your home or a home you are interested in. Then connect to one of our real estate agents or brokers for a more personalized number matching your home value.

What is a Home Value Estimator?

Home Value Estimator is an computer software system that quickly computes value of a subject house. Sometime is also known as AVM (Automated Value Modeling) system. The system looks at real estate activities of the subject property in recent months. Base by certain data such as sale price, living area, lot size, year built, and so on, it then calculates an estimated value of how much a house may be worth.

How accurate is this home estimate?

As mentioned above, this free estimate of how much your house may be worth is an automated report, so it does not intend to replace a real appraisal. Nevertheless, our free home value analysis does contain lots of valuable and comprehensive information of recently sold houses, homes that are currently in escrow, and listings that are currently active on the market. The home valuation report will definitely give you an excellent overview and serve as common ground for further discussions between you and your real estate agent.

How fast can I receive this home value report?

Our system is pretty fast in generating these reports. So, you should expect to get your report in 10-15 minutes. Once validating the address, the system will immediately process your request and email you the report. Thus, it is very important that you enter a correct email address.

What if I have additional questions about the report?

Our home valuation report is often 10-20 pages long. So, it is very common that you may have additional questions or need assistance reading those details. Don’t worry. You are more than welcome to contact us

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