Customer Testimonials

Here are some customer testimonials/reviews about National Brokers real estate services. We appreciate your trust and opportunities servicing your real estate needs. It’s our commitment to provide great services and earn more awesome reviews.

David Tran, Milwaukee, WI

In all my years of meeting and communicating with agents, I have never met someone who was so willing to help as much as David was. He was so willing to sacrifice a grand amount of his time in order to help his clients. It is clear to see, by the dozens of positive reviews, that David Pham is not only incredibly trustworthy and reliable but he is also very tedious with his work. He pays close attention to any possible details and is always sure of informing the buyers of any necessary information. His care with his work shows that he does not view it as the customers buying the homes but him buying them himself. There is not a single beat that he missed and the entire process was very easy and thorough.

Derek Huynh, Cypress, CA

My wife and I are first time home buyers and we needed a lot of hand holding throughout the whole process. David guided us every step of the way and made Escrow so much more bearable. He created a timeline for us and made sure we were always on track. He was always easy to reach and responded to all of our questions quickly. He communicated with the listing agent frequently and was good about keeping us updated. Whenever we needed to meet, David was flexible and worked around our schedule.

After the home inspection, we were concerned about how many issues were discovered. We felt more at ease after David went through each one of them with us and made us realize they were all minor issues that we could request from the seller to repair. He even brought to our attention a spot that the termite company had missed. In a seller’s market, it was reassuring to have someone on our side.

We were so fortunate to have David as our agent and we recommend him to any home buyer without hesitation.

Angela Tran, Garden Grove, CA

David is very professional and knowledge. He also was very helpful and zealous for this case. He made our dream come true. The process was so smooth. We finally got our own house.My family is very grateful for David.

Hung Nguyen, Sacramento, CA

David Pham of National Brokers is a prime example of professionalism. The procedures performed by David represent the impeccable service of the 21st century. At the first call, he responded promptly, set up appointment at my earliest convenience. The document presented to me was clear and explained page by page with competence. Afterwards, David examined minute details of the house, took beautiful pictures of meaningful features to present it through most modern social medias. The actual work completed on time and was more encompassing than initially agreed upon, stating convincingly David Pham’s priority of integrity and effectiveness. Besides his obvious competence, David Pham’s perfectionism is his hallmark. Watching David work for me was worth a thousand positive compliments.

Zoey C, Garden Grove, CA

Thanks to Ivy Dinh and David Pham, my family is finally buying our very FIRST HOUSE (which is totally the essence of the American Dream, come on, now).
We came into this process with absolutely zero knowledge of the house-buying process. We didn’t know which way to go and where to start. Luckily, we consulted National Brokers and they were fantastic on helping us with each step of the way. They explained everything so clearly and discussed every detail of the process with us.
They are completely loyal as well. When the other party wasn’t being cooperative, they were fast on their feet to communicate with both the other party and us. Shoutout to Ivy Dinh for helping us out with loans. This is our first time doing something like that and without her help, there was basically no possible way we could have done it. David Pham, on the other hand, personally helped us chose the home we purchased, which I have to say is a total steal considering the price. We fell in love with it instantly!
Let’s just say, we send our warmest and most sincere gratitude to this team. We highly recommend National Brokers and they will not disappoint.

David was extremely helpful in helping me secured a home. He was patient and always gave me recommendations without pushing me to rush into any deals. His insights on the market are very professional and has a well developed grasp of the industry. He works along side my hectic schedule and is very responsive in walking me through any unfamiliar concepts/ processes. Highly recommend and I had the absolute pleasure of working with him. Thank you, David.

Lance, Los Angeles, CA


David helped me buy couple of houses already. He’s very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. He took his time with you and explained everything clearly. I highly recommend him for anyone who’s looking for a real estate broker.

Tam Dinh, Franklin, WI

Conducted business with honesty
Was knowledgeable about local market and entire process
Was very responsive

The Doans Family, Anaheim, CA

Loc Dao

One of the Best!

I’ve had a good experience with National Brokers in July 2010 after receiving high recommendation. They are very professional, thorough, and quick. They keep me informed of the whole process and suggested best options. I would do business with National Brokers again!

— Loc Dao — Garden Grove, CA


David helped me refinance my house on a couple of occasions. He was able to help me out and get me a good rate on my home loans. David processed the loan quickly and always kept me abreast of what was happening during the process.

Dominique Van Rafelghem, Irvine, CA



During the refinance of my home mortgage I spoke with many different lenders.National Brokers was the only broker I found who was not pushy. I found them to be open, honest and I felt I could trust Ivy and David to be fair. I have enjoyed working with them because of their competence and attention to detail, personal accessibility, and their follow through with borrowers from start to finish. ” Ivy & David were very knowledgeable, structured the loan to the best interest and I was able to get a very competitive fixed rate. The closing went smoothly i would highly recommend Ivy and David and National Brokers .

Thank you Ivy David & National Brokers

Wendy Nguyen


I have had great, great time working with David Pham for many years. David was well prepared for each transactions and one of my best client. If you are in need of finding a good broker, I would definitely recommend David Pham for all your needs.

Sincerely, Brent Park